Saturday, November 29, 2008

Did I forget to say that lefse is normally a Christmas snack? Hosanna is "flipping" the lefse on the grill - it's turned to 500 degrees F, so you don't want to bump it! (believe me, I've done it.) - and I'm rolling out. Instead of all being nice and round, my lefse is usually all shapes and sizes - our ancestors would probably cry! Oh, and notice my apron, and the counter - the dough is quite sticky, so you just sort of have to have flour everywhere! We put one of the guys socks on the rolling pin to keep it from sticking. Don't worry - we took it from the clean pile!

Miriam beating up on me. (as usual, right...j/k) - you would not believe how much fun that special lefse stick is to hold! Anyway, we had a lot of fun today :)

Yew take yust ten big potatos,
Den yew boil dem till dar done.
Yew add to dis some sveet cream
And by cups it measures vun.
Den yew steal tree ounces ov butter
An vit two fingers pinch some salt.
Yew beat dis wery lightly
If it ain't gude it iss yer fault.
Den yew roll dis tin vit flour
An light brown on stove yew bake.
Now call in all Scandihuvians
Tew try da fine lefse yew make.
Yesterday the guys cut up meat, and this is Miriam, our dehydrator person, making venison jerky - it turned out wonderful!

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