Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Caroling

Hi from Naomi! On the Sunday right before Christmas, some of us from church always go caroling - we went to the Care Center, as well as the homes of several widows and widowers. Most of them live in the country, so we have quite a bit of driving, (gives us a chance to warm up our feet!) and it was an unusual year... no one got stuck anywhere!

There's this one little blue house we go to, belonging to an elderly man who never shows his face when we come, but we see him getting his box (we give boxes of Christmas goodies to the men and fruit baskets to the ladies) as we drive away. Someone creatively suggested we sing an extra verse to "We wish you a Merry Christmas"... with the words, "we won't go until you come out...". But we didn't! However, most of the people really seem to enjoy us coming - and we really enjoy it too.

Then later in the afternoon, some of us older kids went to a birthday party. Nathan and Tyler are both turning 18 this week! Both of their families were there (except for a certain sister and bro-in-law...we missed you!) and a few other friends. According to Harris tradition, they both took a big bite out of the cake, and after catching up with everyone, we played some Catch Phrase.

I'm excited about Christmas! There's hardly anything I have to prepare for this week, and maybe I'll get to catch up on some things at home - some days I've had to resort to reading the blog myself to find out what goes on around here! Have a wonderful day :)

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  1. I missed Christmas Caroling this year!! Our Church went last friday night, the 19th, and that is the same days as Rob's (Chris's Dad's) birthday. So, we didnt go, but we sure had fun with his family last weekend.
    I didnt hear about Tyler and Nathan's birthday party until Saturday. I sure missed that.. Although last time Tyler had a birthday party in Minnesota, I was in an accident.. and the way the weather was I am thinking it might have been a good thing we stayed here. I hope you have a merry Christmas!!


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