Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Camera...

Well the UPS man brought my new camera yesterday and Arthur graciously let me open it instead of waiting three more days. What better to take first pictures of than Daniel!! The camera is a Canon SX110 IS. I'm not sure how much I'll like it yet. It's very similar to my other one with a few extras and I guess I'll need to use it more to get a good feel of it. Now I know this one is blurry but what I really wanted to point out is those eyelashes!! They are so LONG!! And no, he doesn't have a huge ear! It's just the angle of the picture I guess.

The weather forecast is a funny thing. When they tell you for days a big storm is coming with 7-12 inches, we might get two inches. Today when they quietly said there were snow flurries, we've had about four inches. The horses were enjoying running in the loose snow but I was unsuccesful on capturing that on picture.
"Gabriel", the angel my dad made for me a few years back, is slowly getting snowed in. I'm not sure how much we actually have now because some of it has blown around in drifts but it sure looks nice and there's no fear of not having snow for Christmas - this stuff will still be around come March.

With my new camera, I also downloaded a few pictures that were on my other camera's SD card. I'll put them on later and let Naomi tell about them. Meanwhile, the kids have Christmas program practice at church tonight so I need to go get supper ready. Have a great evening.


  1. my parents called and wanted to know if you knew of a family up there that had 16 kids and are on TLC tv station doing a show about them building a new house.inthe show they said they live in warroad, or in country there of.

  2. We sure do know the Heppner family and consider them good friends! I guess they should be on TV this morning and January 5th and 6th. We grew up in church with them and our children knew each other pretty good although we don't see them as much anymore unless we go to homeschool activities or here and there. What a busy family they are!! They used to have a homeschool bookstore and we sure miss that!


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