Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ladies Christmas Tea...

We had our church "Ladies Christmas Tea" today. Even though we're a small country church we still get lots of ladies out and it's always a great time of fellowship and sharing. We had assigned seating this year and so Priscilla got to visit with some elderly ladies.

Naomi and Miriam decided to wear the skirts that they wore at Rebekah and Amos' wedding as bridesmaids. They were so pretty and the white sweaters made them look Christmasy.

We had lots of tea and a shortbread type dessert, a time of sharing Christmas memories, and did lots of singing.

When the tea was over there was practice for the Christmas Eve Christmas program. Our church "orchestra" is playing and it sounded so nice! Silas is in a play and that makes me really nervous!! He is a little mischevious and who knows what kind of lines he might make up the night of the performance!! I guess I better work with him so he knows them really, really good!

We have always had the program Christmas Eve at 7:00 p.m. The first one we had the year we started our church we actually had in our barn. It was really cold that night but it was a very special evening. The cows, calves, chickens and sheep in the barn were quiet the whole time just as if they were listening. We get too many visitors now to do that, and we're really content to be in a nice warm building, but we still remember that first Christmas with our new church. By the way, anyone within driving distance is welcome to come!!! There's always lots of food after the program and the men and teen guys hand out old fashioned treat bags to everyone.

Now that I'm done reminiscing, I hope as you prepare for the Christmas season you all take time to remember not only all that Jesus has done for us but to ask yourself, "What can I do for Him?".

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