Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Cold!

After the snowstorm this weekend the temperatures dropped. We didn't get the 10 inches they were forcasting but only got about 2-4. It was hard to tell because it was blowing so strong. Anyway, today it is a nice 20 below with a 35 below wind chill. Brrr! Yes, it gets colder than this but we're not quite used to the cold temperatures yet.

And how cold is 20 below? Well, our fridge seems like it is always full so sometimes we put our milk jug next to the door overnite. The last few days it has been an ice chunk when we wake up! Most everyone I know uses their entryway for an extra freezer and that's where we keep all our containers of Christmas goodies. Those from out of the area wonder what the electric cords are hanging out of the hoods of cars. We plug our cars in at night to help the cars start better in the morning. I guess they run a heater that warms the engine, oil pan, or antifreeze stuff. Something like that. I just know you don't want to be going out on a morning like this without plugging your vehicle in or having it in a good garage. Motels and businesses have plug ins all over their parking lots for employees and guests. Most every winter we hit 40 below at least once. But God is good. He has made it so very few germs can live in the frigid cold. There's less sickness, and it keeps away those poisonous snakes, spiders, bugs, etc.

If you ask locals, they will let you know how they love the extreme seasons we get here right in the center of North America. Are you missing a picture? Well, my camera went kaput on me last night. It has had problems off and on ever since I dropped it from the roof of our garage onto the cement. (don't try that!) I think a new camera is on my Christmas list and Arthur, who doesn't shop till the last second, has let me know I can pick one out. If anyone has any suggestions on one to get I'd love the advice. Miriam took a few on her camera, we downloaded them, but where they are on this computer we have no idea!

Meanwhile, the girls have a cleaning job this morning and then they are going shopping. Have a great day, keep warm, and don't forget to have your personal devotions with God. We might be cold on the outside but God's Word can warm our hearts.


  1. It sure is cold here too!!! :) I'm not sure what the temp is today, but the last few days it's been below zero, with WAY colder wind chills. Saturday night we got freezing rain, so they cancelled church Sunday (the roads were icy, the wind was CRAZY, and it was -35 with the wind chill). They didn't want anyone breaking down and getting stuck in that, since most people drive between 20 and 90 minutes (one way) to church!! Hope you all stay warm up there!!! :)

  2. We just love MN--we can always layer more clothes on in the winter. Often I can't get enough off in the summer. :)

    Does Isaac want to come and clean our snowblower's carburetor again? We can't get it running although he had it going this summer for us.

    I did have someone plow for us while we were stranded since we thought there would be as much snow here as in Bemidji... He's welcome to wait until it's warmer if he's willing to do it. Please let me know. Thanks!

  3. Hello!
    My dad (Uncle Dave) gave me your blog address this morning and I was excited to come read a bit. I'll be back for more, if I can unthaw my fingers that is. :)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing such encouragement! Do you happen to know Pastor Dean and Faith Taylor? I think they were in the movie also. We went to church at Brookside Baptist in Brookfield, WI for about 7 years, and he was our pastor there. Dan Herman was also and we know Pastor Sam Horn from when we go back to visit.
    I also had a chance to view your blog a bit - you are very blessed! Email anytime! Karen@kunkelfamily.net

  5. It's still cold today! Glad Uncle Dave gave you our blog - we enjoyed yours as well. No, we don't know Faith and Dean Taylor but yes, we know Dan Herman and Pastor Horn. It's a small world!!

  6. If you're still wondering about what kind of a camera you would like, I suggest that the Canon S3 is good. I have a Kodak Z1285, which I also think is good.
    Hope you find one you like!

  7. It has been cold here in Bismarck as well. We hit the -40 mark and more with windchill. I felt bad for Chris.. He spent a few hours shoveling us out, and the next morning when we had to go to work, the plow and snowed us back in.


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