Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shipping Calves ...

This morning, bright and early, the guys shipped 20 of our beef steers. That's not really earth shattering news but while loading the steers Arthur lifted himself up with one arm in the trailer to avoid getting squished and hurt himself really bad. After laying on the kitchen floor for awhile, I decided to take him in, where they took xrays, gave him some pain killers, sent him home , and told him to rest. I guess he pulled some muscles or cartilage around the bottom rib area. I don't think he'll have any problem not going out for a few days as he's in a lot of pain. You can pray for him if you think of it. I'm glad to have a few other boys around that can take over the farm work.
Yesterday Isaac caught a beaver. It isn't a really big one but he was happy. We thought the tail was kinda cool. He also got a couple of rabbits and a squirrel! We were asked if he smells when getting a skunk. Yes!! Yes, he sure does! In fact the whole house smelled for a few weeks this fall. He also used one of our vans to transport a couple and it still has an odor to it as well. Isaac has a cabin he keeps his furs in and where he works on them. It was a cabin Amos built when he was younger but since Rebekah didn't want to live in it :) Isaac took it over. Now I'm not sure it will be good for anything else because it really, really, stinks!! For awhile we almost hated to go anywhere because we were so used to the smell we weren't sure that we didn't smell! Isaac was also asked a couple other questions by a young man that catches lizards (which we thought sounded fun) and he said he'd answer that when he had time.

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