Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby Melita Mariah Constance Conroy - the reason we had a shower!
My sister-in-law, Linda, did a few shower games. In this one, a few ladies had bibs on and little girls fed them baby food. Aren't Naomi and Miriam cute! These are the ladies that didn't volunteer during the other games.
In another game, different people were blindfolded and you had to see how many cotton balls you could put in the pot. Looks easy but it's really not.
Emily and my niece Marie trying to figure out what's in the bag.
Naomi made this beautiful spring like cake. It really did feel like spring today! It got up to 36 degrees. Don't laugh! That's the first time its been above 32 since December 28th and November before that. This evening though the temperatures been dropping and its been raining pellets that are freezing to the thawed roads and the winds are picking up.


  1. What a pretty cake...and I would have been right there with Naomi and Miriam. :) I do everything I can to avoid shower games...most of them are just kinda strange and either gross or embarrasing. LOL.

    I totally understand feeling spring-like!! It was between 45 and 50 here today!!! I could hardly believe how warm it felt...if only it could last...

  2. Congratulations to the mother of the baby, AND to Naomi for the LOVELY cake she made! :)

  3. Glad everyone liked the cake! I was totally out of ideas, so it's sort of a copy of another one I made for something else.


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