Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby Shower

We had a baby shower this afternoon for my sister-in-law Ellen. She got so many cute clothes and baby things. Little Melita has one sister, (the blond haired girl with pink tee shirt) and three older brothers, so she's well loved and protected. The little girls in our church, and a few older ones, got the privilege of handing the gifts to Ellen.
Isn't she adorable! We passed her around and everyone that wanted got a chance to hold her. I was asked to do a devotional so I did it on something you will never hear a sermon on - What the Bible Has to Say About Nursing a Baby!


  1. Wow, she's already getting chubby!!! :) And she sure looks like a Conroy. I'm curious...what DOES the Bible say about nursing??!! What an unusual topic...where did you get the idea?

  2. The Bible actually talks about nursing a lot and uses it as an illustration for many things. I'll get you the information sometime.


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