Friday, January 23, 2009

Dirty Laundry...

Last week after I did a few loads of laundry I noticed water on the floor. Ignored it because it was just a little and maybe someone walked by with a glass and spilled some. Anyway, this is what the inside of a washing machine looks like. Pretty dirty isn't it considering there was a cover over it? When water started running through the kitchen ceiling, I finally realized I had a problem.

After a few days, with Arthur being so busy, Isaac decided to tackle it. He fixed it, and I washed a load. Yes! It worked! The second load I had a few drops leaking, and by the third load I had a puddle on the floor again. Kinda reminds me of sin. Laundry can sure build up in a few days if you don't take care of it just like sin can slowly build up in our lives till we finally get overwhelmed with the magnitude of it all. Some people try to patch their sin up and things seem better for awhile. But when pressure comes, you find they never did deal with the sin or problem. I was reading the preview for Fireproof and thought how little things build up in marriages as well. Going to God is the only real way to fix sin and problems in our lives.

Isaac said he'd take another look at the machine so I'm praying he can fix it. When you look at that big black tub agitating it's a wonder with all the loads we do it hasn't leaked a long time ago!! (actually the leak is right under the black tub where it attatches to the grey thingy)

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