Saturday, January 24, 2009


One thing I got for Christmas this year was a few different "cultures" to make things with milk. I tried the sour cream culture that we had with our baked potatoes for supper. It was actually thicker than I thought it would be, although once it got stirred up it got runnier. I would give a 'C+' if I were grading it. I can think of a couple of things I want to try that might make it even better.
Hosanna is our "Friendship Bread" maker. I'm sure you've all tried it. We froze our starter right before Christmas and just got it out a week or so ago. Did you know it doesn't freeze? Weird. Anyway, Hosanna adds all kinds of things to it and today it was cranberries and coconut. She makes enough that we don't have to wonder where to find friends to give some away too!
I know I've posted icicles before but they just seem to get prettier and prettier. This particular area on our house is where the old house and the newer addition meet together. Somehow we must be losing some heat but it's not something we notice. The kids "harvest" the icicles to make homeade ice cream with since it seems to take so long to make enough ice cubes.

Arthur and the boys cut wood today. Last night they had to help out a expecting heifer. She somehow got out of her stanchion in the barn and ended up laying upsidedown in the gutter. It doesn't take long for cows to die this way but they caught her in time. She was extremely bloated but she's doing better today. It's always something. Keeps life interesting. Tomorrow we have an evening service instead of an afternoon service at church since it's the last Sunday of the month. We've been invited out for dinner at someone's house so that's a treat. Have a great weekend in God's love!


  1. oh Goodness! Those are some ENORMOUS icicles!!!!!!!

  2. WOW, your icicle picture is gorgeous!!! :) I love how huge those things get after a few good days of going between thawing and freezing... :)


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