Saturday, January 3, 2009

Isaac's Finished Beaver Pelts

Isaac thought you'd like to see his finished beaver pelts. They look like nice soft rugs!

This is the backside. If you look close you can see where its legs were, eyes, mouth, and ears. It's hard kinda like dried fruit leather (Isaac's description).

This is his nicest beaver pelt and although they can get quite a bit bigger, this is still a nice sized one. He wanted to borrow one of his sisters' hair brushes to brush its fur but they didn't allow it and instead gave him a couple of hair brushes for Christmas. I think he's done for this winter. It's getting really hard to trap with all this snow.
So far, since late last night, we've gotten about nine more inches of snow. Over all I think there's about 18 inches on the ground but that's with several snowfalls and it compacts with each one. There's large fluffy flakes,visibility is poor, and it is just beautiful!! One of the nicest winters for snow we've had in a few years. I know a lot of areas get way more inches but in those areas it tends to melt, snow, melt, snow, etc. Here it just slowly builds up over the winter and melts in late March. Isaac has been enjoying snowcatting around. Have a great weekend and be careful on those roads going to church in the morning!

OOps! I was just informed these furs are not tanned! Just dryed for selling. Sorry, Isaac!!


  1. Wow, those DO look like nice, soft, rugs! At least from the front...the backs look kinda icky!! :) LOL, I don't think I would have given him MY brush either...but it sounds like they came up with a nice solution. Enjoy all your snow and ice!!! :)

  2. You're welcome. Yes the snow blower works and I think it'll be going double time tomorrow. :P

  3. Thank you for the snow picture - it looks beautiful!!!! You are so blessed. The Pecks

  4. WOW! Those beaver pelts are neat. I guess they would make really great clothes to stay warm. I also like the blue and green eggs. I never knew that there was that kinda chicken. Where I live the chickens are wild so momma hens and papa roosters stay married and take care of their babies. When they are bigger, I like to shoot them with my sling shot. Viliage people sometimes argue and say that one of the chickens was theirs even though they are wild. No one pens in the chickens you just have to search everywhere for eggs. If a dog eats a chicken people brand the dog with a word that means dog theif but even though our dog is a chicken killer we keep her in our fence and all the villiage people are scared from her. My sister and i call her "killer" and then all the people run and jump and hide its real funny.

  5. I forgot to sign my name to that last letter.

    Josiah 9 years old


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