Friday, January 2, 2009

Babysitting Chickens

Priscilla here - Some friends of our's went to Kansas City so we are watching their chickens. Because their chickens are Easter chickens, they lay blueish green eggs. When we first got them two weeks ago they hadn't started laying eggs yet but now they are.
We keep the chickens, and ours, in a calf hutch with heat lamps in it. At night it looks like a glowing igloo. It's my job to feed, water, and get the eggs.


  1. We are new at having chickens, we received them over the summer, and now they are laying eggs. This is what is exciting here at the Stroupe home. We also have a heat lamp in our chicken shed, and now there are 3 out of 19 chickens laying eggs.


  2. We used to have chickens like that..they laid light blue and light green eggs...I think the breed was called Araucana, or something like that...have fun!! :)

  3. Nothing to do with this post, but I dedicated a post to you Mrs. Krahn.

  4. Dear Priscilla,
    Good job with the chickens! I used to collect the eggs and care for the chickens too. I would enjoy raising chickens now but I don't think our city laws allow it - we probably don't have enough yard space for them either. Thank you for sharing.


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