Thursday, January 15, 2009

Naomi got a springform pan for Christmas, and last night tried it out on us. She made a delicious cheesecake with a raspberry sauce. We all agreed it was great and hope her pan wears out! Giver her a little warning if you come over and want some!!
In a couple of weeks we'll be putting a new book table out at church. Some of our favorites this time are these two by Ed Dunlop - The Quest for Thunder Mountain and The Golden Dagger. These books are the first in a series called 'Tales from Terrestria' and come after the 'Terrestria Chronicles' which are also excellent books. These books are really clean and are allegories that even I can understand. Your kids would love them! They don't have any "fantasy and wizardry" you might find in other allegories.
Another set I really enjoyed, (I proofread them for the library), is another set by Ed Dunlop called 'The Young Refugees'. It's a trilogy that takes place during WWII about a brother and sister. These also are really clean and the gospel is presented clearly which I really appreciate. Both of these sets of books can be purchased at Have a great evening!


  1. Oh my WORD that cheesecake looks DELICIOUS!!!!!!!! Cheesecake is one of my FAVORITE desserts EVER, and raspberries are my favorite topping...oh boy, now I'm getting a Naomi, you'll have to make some next time I come up!! :D

  2. Is there any boy / girl things in these books?

  3. No boy and girl anything in any of the books except for 'The Quest for Thunder Mountain'. In that one the "hero" rescues a girl in distress in chapter 6. He ends up marrying her at the very end but it's not a romantic book by any means. By the way, Shelly, the kids did call yesterday! They were doing fine and we got to hear Daniel making sweet noises. Yes, Naomi's cheesecake is yummy!

  4. Oh, you should read the 'Terrestria Chronicles' before reading the 'Tales of Terrestria'.

  5. Naomi - It looks soooooooooooo delicious!!!!

    I think it is wonderful that you have a library with such high standards. I admire that you make proof reading these books such a priority. Thanks for the recommendations.

    Your blog is such a daily blessing - it makes us feel like we have had a little visit. The Pecks

  6. Thanks for the good book ideas. I added them to our "wish list". The cheesecake looks amazing - I think I need to find someone local to gift a spring foam pan to. ;)


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