Friday, January 16, 2009

Surviving the Cold...

Another cold day but it looks like it's finally going to warm up. Yesterday it was 35 below zero but it seems like everything was as usual. They didn't even close the school although a few games were cancelled. No, our school wasn't cancelled either much to the dismay of it's students!

Last night we had our yearly "Secret Prayer Pal" meeting at church for all the ladies and girls. We reveal who we prayed for the year before and draw names for the coming year. It was hard to go out when it was so cold but it was even harder to leave once we got there! I was asked to share a few things about prayer. I couldn't help but wonder if the lady that asked me thought I was an "older woman" now that I'm a grandma!!

I shared three good reasons to pray for each other. One, because God commands it. Two, because Satan is attacking and prayer can fend off those attacks. Three, because God answers prayer. I told about a few of the things we've prayed for in our church and how God answered. It makes me wish we had written all those requests and answers down from day one - I'm sure it would be astounding to see God's hand in things throughout the years. It is so easy to forget.

Today Naomi headed over to Thief River Falls for her piano lesson with Miss K. Arthur was a sweetheart and went along since it was so cold this morning. The rest of us kept shovelling wood in the stove to keep warm and started making some bread for Sunday. It's our family's turn to make dinner at church and we're looking at making chilli unless we get some other great idea. Have a great evening and don't forget to pray!!

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