Monday, February 2, 2009

Granola Making...

I haven't made granola since before Christmas so I thought today would be a good day with nothing else pressing on my time. I know one of the main purposes of granola is to have a healthy breakfast, even so, we do a couple things to our granola sometimes that make it a little more special, and not as healthy. We're probably the only ones that love to buy after Christmas candy canes but they are terrific crushed up and put in granola. It gives it a great minty flavor. I also added some boughten cereal to it today to make it go a little farther. I love the look of gallon jars full of granola in the pantry.

Naomi went to see the South Dakota cousins this weekend with her grandparents. The rest of the kids and Arthur went to play hockey today like they try to do most Mondays. It gets kinda violent sometimes but no one got hurt today! Arthur is trying to build up his skating muscles for a college alumni hockey game in March. Actually, it's a group of alumni and other guys that are putting a team together to play in a tournament so we hope it's more than one game. Arthur was a really, really, good hockey player in high school. By tenth grade he already had scouts watching him and he had coaches that thought he ought to play in the '88 Olympics. In the fall before his junior year his parents decided to send him to the christian school. They gave him his choice, knowing that hockey was important to him, but he ended up in the christian school and his hockey career was over much to the horror of the local hockey team. That was before the days of allowing Christian school and homeschoolers play in sports. Looking back he's so glad for that decision. God allowed him to help with starting the hockey program at Northland Baptist Bible College and he's also been able to play here and there since then.

It's a Monday and I find I get less done on Mondays than any other day of the week. So, I'll let you go and pray that each of you reading this have a great evening.

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