Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sledding at Bemis Hill - It was snowing lightly and we had a great time!!


  1. Hello!
    I have an awkward question.
    Last year during the Creation seminar, we attended a Mom and daughter tea party at the church. One of the foods being served was a broccoli, grapes, and bacon dish. Would you happen to know the recipe?

  2. Here you go, JoyAnn:
    1 bunch brocolli flowerets
    2 cups red seedless grapes
    1/2 - 1 cup raisins
    16 0z. fried bacon crumbled
    4 oz. salted sunflower seeds

    Mix that all up. (I['ve seen a few things left out and green grapes used so there's some room for variety based on what you have on hand)

    1 cup Miracle Whip
    1 Tblp. vinegar
    1/3 cup sugar

    Mix together and pour over ingredients. Mix well. Sprinkle with extra sunflower seeds.

    Yumm! We love this too!

  3. Thank-you!
    We are going to enjoy this salad very soon.
    Would you let us in on big events that your church might have?
    We were very blessed when we came last time! :)


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