Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Party and Snow...

On Saturday we had a couples Valentine's Party at our church. It was informal so we had pizza, cheesecake, pop and popcorn while we watched Fireproof. It was really a good movie and we had a great time.
Ooops! Being nice and cold some of the farmers are harvesting corn that didn't get done this fall because of the cold and rain. But the roads were also icy from last weeks rain and this is what happened to our combine. Took awhile to get it out but the local men enjoyed having something to look at and talk about.

We got about 4-5 inches of snow last night which always makes everything look so nice and fresh. These are a couple of our bulls and a steer. Looking at the bright white snow today it makes me so happy that God cleans our sinful hearts like the snow makes the "snirt" look white. "Snirt" is a word we use around here for snow that is dirty.
We've also been enjoying having a family here this week. We played a long game of Balderdash last night and spent the day fishing. How good it is to have christian friends to fellowship with!


  1. Caleb, did you crash the combine already?? You just got your permit and that's why we told everyone to stay off the sidewalk.
    Now apparently ditches too. : )
    We love you Caleb!
    The McCanne's

  2. I refuse to say who did it to protect the innocent! Or is that to protect the guilty? Well, it happens to everyone!!

  3. It was probably Jordan... those crazy female drivers from IL...

  4. LOL, that looks like it was a pain to get out!! :) Your Valentine's Party sounds like a lot of fun too! Our church's banquet is this Friday...our building was already booked for V-Day weekend, so we had to do it late. I'll have to try get some pix from Hannah to post afterwards!


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