Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Few More Pictures

This is another picture of the ice pressure ridge that Silas took. (see below for what should be above this!)
Silas loves taking closeups so this is the ice close up in that ridge.

It's not a day of fishing if you don't pack a lunch. I think this might be Silas' favorite part of fishing!!


  1. Were these taken on Lake of the Woods? I live nw of Roseau and it was interesting to see the pressure ridges. We do live in a wonderful, if cold area!

  2. Yes, these were taken on Lake of the Woods. It certainly has its own beauty that we enjoy! Looking at your blog, it looks like you have a wonderful job at the museum. Good for you! I always felt Arthur's grandma, Doris Landin, should get some kind of award. She taught kindergarten at Warroad for most of her adult life and saw so many changes and generations go through. She taught occassionaly right up until she died. Have fun on the farm and delving in history!


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