Friday, April 24, 2009

Barbed Wire, Calves, and Piano

Yesterday Isaac was taking down an old barbed wire fence for a neighbor. Rolling up barbed wire isn't an easy thing, but it was no problem thanks to a home-made invention to roll up wire. It was purchased at an auction but didn't work so great but with my father-in-law's mechanical mind, he had it working good in no time. It works kinda like threading a bobbin with the wire going from one side to the other. As you can see, our snow is finally gone!! The grass in our yard is starting to turn green.
The beef cows have started calving. They are so cute! We were moving them to a different pasture so that's why this one is enjoying our yard. I think so far we've had about 12 calves with lots more to go. We did have a set of twins, one red one and one black one.

Last night Naomi had her first piano recital with another one this evening. I'll let her tell you more about it tomorrow. Well, I'm sure you're all busy like we are so I better go. Have a great day and don't be too busy to have some quiet time with God!


  1. Oh, I love the beef calf! It is SOOO cute; I love those kind.
    Naomi, you looked beautiful at your recital!!:)

  2. Is that at your church?????
    I WOULD LOVE IT if my church had three pianos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Is your wire-winder up for rent? Just kidding... We have LOTS of fences to fix after the long Winter and it's not something that we're looking forward to with great joy. Thankfully we have good gloves! :)
    Naomi, you look SO pretty sitting by the piano... I'd love to hear you play sometime! Would it be possible for you to have a family member tape a song and post it here??? :) I hope your other recital went well too...

  4. We love the wire winder. Leave it to the farmers to have such ingenuity.


  5. Thank you for your nice comments :) No, it's not at our church - we do have 3 pianos, but only one of them is tuned to be played - the recital was at a church in TRF and in addition to the 3 pianos that the church has, the "studio" rents 3 pianos. We did tape a couple clips, but we were having trouble downloading them, so hopefully it'll work another day :)


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