Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Graduation, Miriam!!

Today was Miriam's graduation. The ceremony was after our morning church service and started with the slide show, minus the music, due to some kind of technical difficulty or something.

Miriam wasn't singing, giving a speech, or anything, so her brothers Amos and Isaac surprised her and went up and told all about Miriam from babyhood to today. They finished by giving her a nice plaque for all the Bible memory work she's done, Proverbs, John and Psalms, and gave her some nice brotherly hugs. I think everyone enjoyed the stories about Miriam. It made the ceremony extra special and something to remember.

Miriam's grandpa, also our pastor, called Miriam up and did a Bible presentation which we always do for graduates in our church. This followed by Arthur and I going up to give her her diploma. Arthur said a few words and we closed in prayer.
We had lots people, and a lot of food at the open house. Lots of leftovers too!! Not a problem - we were hardly in the door at home, literally, and my kids attacked the grape salad like they were starving. A church lady and her girls helped in the kitchen along with Miriam's "classmates", also known as brothers and sisters. Thanks, Jaime, girls and guys!!
One thing I enjoy about graduations, weddings, etc, are visiting with my aunts and uncles I don't see very often. The standing couple are my Aunt Joyce and Uncle Melvin. My Aunt Ruth and Uncle Norman were there as well as Uncle Vernon and Aunt Valerie and a few other more distant relatives.
Priscilla poured punch with Isaac keeping it refilled. It was a tangy slush punch.
Naomi made a few cakes and there's enough cake left for Naomi's birthday tomorrow. It was a really special day and to finish it off, it's snowing outside! The ground is nice and white once again. Me, I'm very glad to sit back and wait another year till it's Hosanna's turn!


  1. Congraduations!!:P (Yes, that spelling is right!:))

  2. Congratulations Miriam! How nice to have something special like this to celebrate a milestone. God Bless you as you seek Him for your future!

    Snow???It was 86 here today!

  3. Hosanna graduates next year already???

  4. Congratulations Miriam and family! Does the Bible Memory mean that you memorized the entire books of Psalms, Proverbs and John? If it does please offer some Bible memory tips for teaching children. I would be very interested to hear about your Bible memory and what age you started. Also, how is your retention? Blessings to you as you seek to serve your Maker with your whole heart.

  5. Congratulations Miriam!!!!

    We wish we could have been there!

    May the Lord continue to bless you in this next stage of life.

    The Peck Family

  6. Congrats Miriam!!! I wish I could have been there to hear what the guys had to say...maybe you can show me the video sometime (assuming you had it all taped...). You looked beautiful (as always!!), and I'm proud to call you my cousin!! :) Were you the only one graduating this year? We have 4 from our church this year (Anika Larson, Michael Haugaard, Laura Dubs, and Sarah Smith), but Anika is doing her own thing so only 3 will have a ceremony at church. Anyway, congrats again, and have a GREAT summer without having to dread school in the fall!!! :)


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