Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The J. Family

Last week some friends of ours, the J. family from Pennsylvania, who we met at Bible college, moved up here! We had never met any of their nine children, except for Jonathan when he was a baby, so we've had a really good time getting to know this nice family. They bought a piece of property with a big barn on it and have started to remake it into a home.
This is sweet little Jenna who always has a smile.

Silas is helping Ethan tie his shoes near the play tent they set up. This gives the little guys someplace to play and take naps while working on the house.

Bob and his son Jonathan are working on water today and trying to see if the septic system is working. Please pray that it is!! It would make the work so much easier and possibly save lots of money and time.

Jessica is Priscilla's age and the two seem to get along really good. They wandered all over the property today so Jessica could show Priscilla everything.

Here's a view inside the barn with Crystal and Karen in the background. One of two trailers they brought had to be unloaded so you can see some of the stuff they put in the barn. Some of the guys are working on cleaning the barn really good today so the stuff can be stored in one end while they work on the other.
Here's the two trailers they used to move that were brought here on a semi. It took all day yesterday to unload them and one of them they had to unload the stuff in before they could get the trailer off the trailer! So, for all of the J. friends out east, I hope you enjoy this post! We'll try to keep you updated from time to time.


  1. How nice. And they have nine kids too! I'm always excited to hear about other families with more than the 2.5 kids.

  2. Wow! And to fix up a barn to live in! That's a big job...thankfully they have many hands to help and the whole summer ahead to work on it! Best wishes to them, and enjoy your re-found friends!

  3. wow!!! turning a barn into a house is a huge undertaking!!! But I think its really cool!!!! My church started out as an old welding shop, and we turned it into a church!!!!
    But thats really cool!!!

  4. Yeah, after all our work in our hog shed, I know that's a big undertaking!!! :) They look like a really neat family tho...how old are all their kids? Is their place near yours?


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