Thursday, April 2, 2009

Movie Review

We had the fun today of checking out a couple of new DVD's for our church library. Come What May was really good! It is their first movie so there's always room for improvement but overall it has a great story line and it was fun to watch a movie with just a touch of romance to make it enjoyable and yet have it a clean romance with courtship being presented quite well. We look for more good things coming out of the Advent Film Group. If there's anything that I didn't like, it would be the fact that they really didn't give the reason for why someone should do what's right or the Biblical reason why the unborn has a right to live. I'm guessing they were making this for a "generic" audience and didn't want to offend anyone. It still was a good movie that we'll watch again.

The Richard Wurmbrand Story was really good too. It's another in the Torchlighters series, all of which have been well done and have nothing objectionable. The church children love this set and will enjoy this one too. Richard Wurmbrand is the founder of Voice of the Martyrs and it tells about his life in Romania and his years in prision.

I guess the best thing about both of these movies is the content from a spiritual standpoint. In Come What May the Bible is not really the focus but rather the right to life issue. And even deeper than that, the point was, do what is right regardless of what happens. Something we would be good to never forget. The children's video was a good reminder as well to do what is right even if it puts you in prision. May we always remember to do what God and the Bible says is right and leave the results up to Him.

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  1. I just saw Come What May for the first time Monday night...although the acting and filming needed help, the ideas and message were quite good!!! It was very moving and I really enjoyed it...I'm hoping they keep making movies...filming/acting always seems to improve in quality. :)


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