Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Watch Out!

Snowballs in the house? Well, yes. Silas and Priscilla just couldn't help themselves with the new 5" of snow we got yesterday and last night. It's about 30 degrees out so that's just perfect snowball weather. I wasn't aware of this until I downloaded pictures a few minutes ago. Somehow I ignored Priscilla's screams this morning - now I understand!
We had an early dinner today because Arthur had to leave so I made one of our favorite non-potatoe, rice, or pasta meals. Cracked Wheat Dish. You fry onions and celery and cracked wheat in a little oil. Add milk and water and let it simmer awhile. Add lots of mozzarella cheese and put cornflakes, breadcrumbs or cracker crumbs on top and bake a while.
Arthur took his before it was completely done but this is what it looks like. Not too good looking, but it really tastes good and is healthier than a lot of things a person could eat and we all love it. Well, except for Silas who prefers to not defile his stomach with celery! Yes, he did eat some!

Naomi braved the bad roads today and went to her piano lesson. Arthur is picking up our food club order. (A bulk health food order that we get as a group with others once a month) The others are working on school and the house is nice and quiet. Mmmm. Doesn't happen too often!
We'd love you to take our poll on the right side. We've been discussing pop and are wondering what the most popular kind is. Our research tells us Coke but we think it's something else. What do you like? Have a great day in the Lord!


  1. ahaha! WOW, that food just made me HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it looks really good!

  2. LOL--Snowball screams have been happening around here too. :) We somehow have a whole pile of snow at our front door from balls smacking it. Aaron even had a snowman in the house the other day; I'll have to post it as time allows.
    I'd take your pop survey, but I don't care for pop much, unless it's clear and in a punch. :)


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