Thursday, April 9, 2009

Poor Seagulls!

I'm not sure what these seagulls were doing out on the lake yesterday but I think they better go back south for a few weeks! Ice fishing officially closes next week - thankfully! Not that I don't love the fish the guys get, and not that I don't like them having fun, but the lake makes me a little nervous this time of year. Isaac assures me the ice is only losing about an inch a day! Three men have lost their lives on the lake this spring with a truck and snowcat going through the ice. That was up in the islands, however, where currents are more common than the big part of the lake. Even so, I'll be glad when season is over. I'm sure glad I have a God that I can go to in prayer for their safety!!

After catching a big northern like this, it's no wonder Isaac enjoys fishing! It was 36 inches however, which is in the slot limit, so it had to be sent back down the hole to catch next year. Usually Isaac doesn't have a camera out when he catches these big ones so it was nice that Silas came along. The fish do tend to bite really good this time of year and so we've had some great meals of healthy fish.

There was another beautiful sunset on the lake after the nice, sunshiny day. Other than fishing, things have been a little quiet around here with not a lot out of the ordinary to blog about.

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  1. Wow!!! Awsome fish! LOVE the sunset!!!



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