Saturday, May 16, 2009

Peep, peep!

Our new little chicks can sure make a lot of noise! We got mostly meat ones but also got a few laying hens. It's nice to know I don't have to really give them another thought till fall! Or maybe summer missed us and we're already having fall?! There was actually a dusting of snow when we got up this morning and it froze my perennials.
We had a baby shower this morning at church and Naomi made this cute clothesline cake. She wanted me to mention that she wasn't really creative, she just got the idea off some internet cake site!

It's been a busy day with the shower, a graduation, butchering a cow, and a lot of other stuff. It will be nice to have another Sunday to fellowship with God's people and a good long nap tomorrow. Have a great weekend serving the Lord!


  1. Naomi, you've got one BIG talent in your cake making! You should go into business!!!!!!

  2. Cute chicks, cute cake! Jordan told me that you had a really good marshmallow fondant recipe, and I was wondering if you'd share it with me? Here's my email address:

    I'd really appreciate it! The marshmallow stuff is WAY better than the regular kind. I just started getting into cake decorating and I'd like a good recipe for it.

    Thanks, Brittany

  3. Aww... Brittany's first sentence was exactly what I was going to put. lol
    Well then, ditto on Britt's first sentence!


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