Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thee ol' Outhouse

The girls and I were pulling out the burning nettles in our very overgrown raspberry patch and needed a break so I thought I'd share a little bit of what Silas is up to this afternoon.
The is the old outhouse behind our house. For a few years we used it to keep baby chicks in, and then Silas took it over a couple of years ago. He took out the seats and used it to store whatever he felt like storing. Well, today I told him he had to clean it out.
One unique thing about this outhouse, at least as far as I know, is the dates on the walls when visitors, visited it. These are the most readable ones. I'm hoping to use it as a "Garden Shed" type building and keep hoes, shovels, flowerpots, etc. in it. Somehow they keep disappearing on me and I decided I needed a place to keep them where everybody knows where they go.
The guys are busy fencing today so they can finally put the cows out on pasture. The grass is still pretty short but it'll grow with the two inches of rain we had this week. Well, I need to go get some laundry done. With Noami, Isaac, Hosanna and Silas all going to CYIA next week we have a lot to get done. Have a great day in the Lord!


  1. oh we just love outhouses, no one posts about them anymore

  2. LOL, your post made me think of that Steve Pettit you have his "Pickin' On Patch" CD? I'm gonna be singing that outhouse song in my head all day... :)

  3. Interesting post! I love how you pick the "Ordinary" things to tell us about!

    Actually it is the Clean Pickin' CD.

  4. We used to store our garden tools in an outhouse too--when we lived on the farm we rented 5 years ago. It made for a nice shed! Ours didn't have names in it though. I love pieces of history--like your old outhouse!

    Is your pasture close by so you can walk your cows there or do you need to haul them? I'm glad to hear you've been getting rain too... Isn't it wonderful when everything is green and growing?

  5. We have not heard Patch's song about outhouses but you got my curiosity up!

  6. Sorry for the confusion...Hannah's right, it's not on the Pickin' on Patch's Steve Pettit's Clean Pickin' CD, and the song is about not letting them tear "that little brown building down." If you listen to the words tho, you can tell he's refering to an outhouse. :)


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