Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Naomi and Isaac are teaching clubs in North Dakota this week and I know they love to get on the blog wherever they are and see what we've been up to. So, Naomi and Isaac, we've been working in the garden and I'm sure you wish really bad you were here to help :) My ancestors wouldn't be proud of me if they could see the weeds. I guess getting a garden weedless has never been one of my goals in life even though we try to get it that way at least a few times each summer and I love the look of fresh weeded and tilled rows. I can see progress though, for when the children were little you couldn't even see my garden had rows! (Imagine seven children with the oldest being barely nine!) God continually blesses the garden and gives us way more than we could eat even with weeds so I will not complain if it doesn't look spotless.


  1. Looks like you have a good sized area to take care of too. Our garden consists of a 5 gallon bucket, a few pounds of dirt and a tomato plant. No weeds, but not full and plenty either. The housing on base does not permit us to plant real gardens... I’m not sure how well it would do as we don't have regular dirt, our yard is all sand (I guess that's a Mexico Gulf thing in Florida???).
    Keep up the great efforts!

  2. your weeds don't look NEARLY as bad as ours!!!!!!:) The weeds were taller than the onions! :)
    Your garden looks really nice!


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