Monday, June 8, 2009


About 5:15 AM this morning the phone rang. The kids had left earlier to go to Grand Forks for the second week of CYIA training. It was Naomi informing us that Isaac hit a deer not too far from our house and he wanted dad to go get it. (yes, they're okay - it only took a front light out) Being the thrifty man that he is, Arthur got out of bed, made the required call to the Highway Patrol, and went to collect our road kill. While it's cold out, it's not quite cold enough to let a deer hang so he cut it up right away, gave away some, and I decided to get some ready for supper tonight to share with the J. family.

Arthur here - Saturday morning we had a heavy frost. It got down to 27 degrees. That is the coldest I ever remember it in June. We have been averaging 20 degrees colder than normal this spring. The weather continually goes in cycles and patterns and there is nothing to be alarmed about for cold or heat. It is going to get hot on this earth when God's final judgement comes. For now, we can be thankful for the nice variety God has chosen to send us.

The yard covered with frost. It also killed about 40 of our tomatoes plants that we didn't get covered. Most of them were covered and they all survived.


  1. That is too funny about the roadkill!!:D Hope you enjoyed the venison!:D

    Wow, that's really weird about that frost so late in spring...:S


  2. How are the petunias?

  3. Is it unusual to have frost this time of year?

  4. Well I know it has frozen in June but not that I can remember. We've always felt very safe after Memorial Day from frost. At least a killing frost. At least it didn't freeze my apple blossoms or the petunias!

  5. Whoa... 27 degrees in June... I can't imagine. :)

  6. Hey! This may be a little off topic! But I just wanted ot say hi and am greatful to finally reconnect with you after all these years. I am trying to create and update a blog, but blogging is a new concept for me, so it may be a while before I update it much. I am having trouble e-mailing you. If you can, please e-mail me so I can add your correct address to my addbook. Thanks!
    Your pal an dfriend from CEF/Camp Good News!
    Daniel McIntosh

  7. Hey, I really enjoyed talking with you after all these years, Dan. It's encouraging to have good a good brother in the Lord raising his family for God. We'll visit again sometime. -Art

  8. sheesh!!!!! 27 degrees!!!!!! whew!


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