Saturday, June 6, 2009

Christian Youth in Action - Week 1

Hello from Naomi - judging from the blog, our family had a busy week! So have we - Isaac, Hosanna, Silas, and I were in Devils Lake, ND at CYIA, a CEF training. Myself, Isaac, and Jared are interns - which means we've all graduated, worked with CEF for a while, are going to work every week this summer, and we get to help with some of the critiquing and training. Anyway, here we're coloring. No, it's not to learn to relate to the kids....we get some premade visuals, but some we get to color ourselves - Isaac got his laminated.
Some of the rest of the group during "color and converse" time - while we color, we practice leading and singing the 5-day-club songs. Did you know that it takes training and practice to lead a song with a visual? You'd be surprised at how hard it can be the first time! This is my cousin Jonathan from South Dakota leading a song.

They keep us pretty busy - we study for like 6 hours or so a day, plus devotions, chapel, a couple classes, a practice 5-day-club (well, actually a real one, only WE'RE the kids), and we get an hour of "recreation" every evening - some evenings we all go down to an outdoor basketball court, and sometimes we go to an indoor rec. room (the whole training is held on a campground) - this is me playing "Carpet Ball" with Hosanna. (Mom here - no, Naomi does not have black eyes! I tried to edit out the red and it did an awful job and I didn't notice that before Naomi posted this!)

Isaac leading a song, with Mr. Berntson, our director, in the backround. (These pictures are awful I know, but they were really, really bad before mom lightened them.)

The main focus of the first week is for everyone to learn the Bible lessons. This year we're doing the Wordless Book Visualized, so that includes the stories of Heaven, Adam's fall, Jesus' death and resurrection, the men on the road to Emmaus, and Timothy. In order to pass each lesson, we study the Bible, the lesson book, practice it outloud at least twice - it must be a good length and include all of the Gospel truths - and then get critiqued on it. This is Hosanna telling a story.

Another coloring picture - this is Silas' first year. Overall there's 16 of us - 7 girls and 9 boys. We get today and tomorrow to catch up on everything around here and prepare for the second week - Thanks for praying for us!


  1. that Child Evangelism Fellowship? if it is, I know a bunch of people who are involved with that. :)
    I'll be praying for you all!

  2. Yes it is! Thank you very much for your prayers - we have one more week of training - Naomi

  3. I miss training!! Who knows, If baby waits much longer, I might be able to go to camp!! lol. I have 6 weeks after he is born.. And so far he still hasnt made a move on coming out!


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