Monday, June 29, 2009

RoGator and Bits and Pieces

The guy my father-in-law hires to spray our fields came by last week with his RoGator. Quite an interesting piece of equipment. This picture doesn't do it justice. It's so tall you could almost walk right underneath it! At least if you were short. Unlike in the past, today's equipment is so full of technology. If you accidentily go over an area twice, it turns off the sprayers in that area so it doesn't get a double dose. If you miss and area, it tells you where exactly in the field to go over. Someday I'd like to ride in a RoGator!

Naomi left this morning to teach clubs in Munich, Langdon and Wales North Dakota. I'm not sure if she remembered the camera but I wanted her to take a few "cemetary" photos of relatives gravestones for a family history album we have. Yes, I know that sounds morbid! But tombstones are actually a nice piece of history and helps to make sure dates are accurate in our family history books. Isaac is teaching around here and Hosanna and Silas have the week off.

We've always been supporters of HSLDA, Homeschool Legal Defense Association, and probably will be for a few years yet. But I checked out CLA's, Christian Law Association, website today and they have started a homeschool branch as well. You can find the information at It's a little bit cheaper than HSLDA but seems to do about the same thing. I think in these times where we know our freedoms are under attack, it's good for everyone to belong to a group like HSLDA or CLA. My dream is to someday give each of my children a lifetime membership, but we'll see, it would be a costly gift but a fun one to give!

One last thing. I had a couple of people tell me that my garden does not have many weeds in it according to the photo. Don't worry, I only took a picture of the half we weeded! The other half is like weeding in cement rocks and is full of weeds. I had no intention of making anyone feel bad! Sorry if I did that!!


  1. I've seen those RoGator's before and they're HUGE!!! They're absolutely amazing...

    My mom loves doing geneaology stuff, so she loves taking pics of relative's tombstones; you're not the only one!!!:D


  2. LOL, we have lots of those sprayers around here, and I've always been a teeny bit tempted to try drive my car under one when I meet them on the far my better judgement has won out. :)

  3. Sounds like things are going well out your way. I would love to get a membership to the HSLDA, thought I might look into the other one. I am for sure going to get one when Judah gets to school age.


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