Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Week of 5-Day-Clubs

Hello from Naomi! Well, we finished our first week of 5-day-clubs yesterday, and last night us kids all got together and compared notes - our detailed accounts would probably bore you, but here's the overview -

Hosanna taught with Jonathan and Tim around here - in the picture, Hosanna is telling the Bible Lesson at one of their clubs. They had one in Roseau, one at the Jeffery's and one at the Dunton's - most of their kids were "church kids", but can you hear the story of Jesus too many times?

Isaac taught in Neche, Wahalla, and Pembina, ND with Gabe - in one of the clubs, they had 4 children who were saved at that club last year!

I taught with Valarie in Grand Forks and East Grand Forks. We had a couple "unusual" clubs - one was with 3 kids who were children of students at a summer Bible translators school - they knew their Bible well, so we had to study to stay a step ahead of them! We had one club in EGF and 3 girls got saved there - Praise the Lord! Then we had a club with "refugee" kids - from Bhutan/Nepal and Burundi - most of them did not speak very good English, so that was interesting!

Keep praying!

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  1. Wow, sounds like you all had an interesting week! :) Praise God for all the decisions made, and the kids who heard the Gospel!!! I'm sure the rest of your summer will be amazing. Email me sometime and tell me how "everything" is going, Naomi. :)


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