Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy Weekend

Well, at least Naomi was busy! Naomi and Aaron went out with Amos and Rebekah while we babysat Daniel.
Silas quite often wanders around taking pictures and he caught this nice double rainbow taken over by Grandma's garden.
Naomi and Miriam, and a few friends, went to Jenny's baby shower on Saturday for Judah. Isn't he adorable! Congratulations, Jenny and Chris!
Julie, Naomi, Jenny, Sarah, Jenny J. all at the baby shower. Naomi and Jenny got to be friends through CYIA and then Jenny married another CYIAer and now had her first child. My the years go so fast!

We had a good weekend with beautiful cool but sunny weather. After church we had 'Bag Lunch Sunday' and we ate down at the park. The children loved the new playground equipment that was built after a tornado destroyed the old one a couple years ago.

My nephew Reuben in the picnic shelter. Naomi enjoyed teaching with Reuben last week and this week she's teaching with Hosanna in Lancaster.
Well, Miriam is off to mow and drag maze trails. Priscilla and I will be working in the garden. Arthur, Silas and Jonathan J. are hoping to get lots of hay baled so it will be another busy day. Have a great day your way too!

Jeremiah 7:23 ...and walk ye in all the ways that I have commanded you, that it may be well unto you.


  1. That's a cute pic of Naomi and Aaron...but he makes her look really short! :) It's adorable. ;) It's really nice that Amos and Rebekah are there, so they can "double date" so to speak...I know "date" is the evil word, but I couldn't think what else to call it. :) LOL. I didn't know Julie knew Jennie! Or did she just go along for fun? We had a baby shower here this morning for Sarah Tate and her baby, William...they're here for the weekend, so we decided to do a last-minute shower, and it turned out really nice. :)

  2. She is short ;)

  3. It is a cute picture! Julie met Jennie a couple of times and just wanted to go along for fun. We've done last minute showers as well that have been almost more fun than the ones planned out far in advance! Thanks for always leaving such sweet comments, Rachel!

  4. Oh, the picture does make Naomi look short, and she is. Aaron is also 6'2" or so which makes her look even smaller but I don't think she minds!!

  5. oooooh this is sooo cute Naomi and Aaron ;)


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