Saturday, July 11, 2009

For the J. Family's Friends :)

Nathan J. wanted me to post these great fish photos for some of his friends back east. Enjoy them!

Bob with a really, really nice northern. It was in the slot limit so it had to be thrown back which is always a hard thing to do but at least the photo proves you got it! I think Nathan wanted to rub this one in a little! I mean, Bob, Nathan and Caleb all got nice sized walleyes, but Johnathan, oh well, at least he's smiling! Yes, everyone is too busy to fish, but what a great way for fathers and sons to spend time together while providing healthy food for their families. I know I grew up fishing all the time, so it seemed, and I still have lots of happy memories of those days. We may not go to Disney World, or movies, or on big vacations, but we can fish! Isn't God good?!!

(I finally added a label 'fish' for all these fishing posts!)

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