Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well, we finished cutting the maze in three days. I'm sore and sunburned but at least that part is done. The next step will be to drag, or something like that, the trails because they're really bumpy. So, today while we were taking it a bit easier, I went out to look at the flowers and garden.
These are called Maltese Cross flowers and they are very special to me. I got them from my mom, who got them from my Grandpa Giesbrecht, who loved gardening. (sorry it's a little blurry)
I'm not sure what you call these big bushes with yellow, daisy like flowers on, but I got one from my mom and now I've split them up so I have three nice big plants.

These are a pinkish type lily that again, I got from my mom.

This is what Isaac got - a woodchuck. They make holes in the field and the farmers don't really care for them!

Rebekah's dad took this adorable picture of Daniel over the 4th, and when I looked at the pictures they downloaded for me, I just had to use it.
I talked to Naomi today who's teaching clubs in Cavalier, North Dakota this week and she was excited that five children got saved. For those that care, she'll be home about seven tomorrow night. Hosanna and Silas have had one club this week and that's going good too.
Have a great evening!
Lamentations 3:22-23 It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.


  1. Your maze sounds like it'll be a lot of fun!!! There's one not far from here that we've gone to several times. They have regular hours for going thru the maze, and then after dark they have flashlight nights. You have to bring your own flashlight, but it's a lot of fun...we like to play hide-and-seek in the dark!! :) Here's a link to their website, if you're interested in some of their ideas.

    Your flowers are beautiful!! I especially like the pinkish lillies. :)

  2. Thanks, Rachel. We are planning on having some flashlight nights and I'll be sure to look up the website. We have looked at dozens of sites when we were doing research this last winter so we might've seen it but I'll look again. -Camille

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  4. Everything looks so well in your photos! Thanks for sharing! Your grandson is a handsome young feller. Wish I could meet him (and you all of course) in person again... but Florida is so far away from the beautiful lands of the North (I am not a southern boy - it's too hot here for me, I wish I could be stationed a bit more closer to home territory, but God has us here for a reason and I accept that).
    As far as Naomi and the 5-Day clubs... is there a way she can (or is allowed to) stay in touch with the children who accept Christ? I often think back of those wonderful CEF days and the many children who came to know the Lord, but CEF always did the official follow up and everything. I wonder where those people are today, how close to the lord they walk (or not), and what's happening in their life? Wish I would have thought of staying in touch of them way back when....

  5. S.T. - I'm afraid it is a crazy maze - we'll be the laughing 'stalk' of the community!!

    Dan - No, there's really no good way to keep in touch with the children that get saved. They get them going on a Mailbox Club Lesson and I'm not sure what CEF does with them other than that. I know some hostesses invite them to church or whatever. Quite often though they see the same kids the next year in a club so that's always exciting. If you and your family ever get up this way, be sure to stop in! Someday I'll get Arthur to write you a letter!

  6. I'm greatful there is follow up of some sort, and seeing the children rerturn each year is a blessing too. I know CEF did good follow up to back in the 80's too... I just sometimes wish I would have been able to stay in touch with some of the chidlren myself just to see them grow strong in the Lord and to see how the Lord has used them (sort of like the christian/spiritual parent-granparent thing)...
    Say hi to the family for me... I'm sure Arthur will write eventually, he always did in the past. :)
    I'll be heading up to Illinois at the end of this month to visit family. Wish it was close, but it's still a good 15 - 24 hours drive to/from your place (sorry). Maybe sometime later. Lord willing - who knows, maybe one day I could be stationed near you all! :)

  7. That picture of Daniel is adorable! We got Judah's one month pics done today, and I cant wait to get them back. They should be online in about a month. I would like to come to your maze this fall if we can. I love corn mazes! Hoping to see Naomi tomorrow. But if not, I will have to get out your way some time after CEF is all done for the summer. Have a great day!


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