Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Camp Good News is a Lot of Fun"

Hello from Naomi - I better do this camp post before I forget everything...We had a WONDERFUL week! We left last Sunday and took two vans full of kids and staff to Camp Good News held at Galilee Bible Camp in Lake Bronson, MN - There were 69 campers and 14 of them were counselled for salvation! Everything went pretty smoothly, and we all agreed it was one of the best weeks of camp ever :) One interesting thing was all of the different nationalities that were there - Nepali, African (Ethiopia, Burundi), Mexican, and Native American - and of course, Swedish!

This is Emily, Abby, and Priscilla out canoing -

Can you believe? Some of the campers liked catching turtles while they were canoeing! They had to let them go, but it was still fun :)

This is me teaching the key word (plumbline) for the book of Amos (or A moose) - Every year we go through key words for each book in either the Old or New Testament and this year was the Old Testament - the "theme" was "Surfing God's Word" and so most of the Bible lessons and verses were focused around the Bible.
Instead of being a counselor, this year I was one of the "verse listeners" - which means I helped listen to verses during verse memory time (4 times a day) and helped with whatever else needed to be done. It was a lot less stressful than being a counselor, but we still kept busy! - and we probably slept less than the counselors because we sort of stayed up late talking some nights...

The heroic counselors! Left to right is Ashely, Amy, Valerie, Roger, Reuben, Hosanna, Elizabeth, Isaac, Zach, Emily, Miriam, Krys, and Silas -

Kaleb was there and did a few of his "clown things" for the campers - including juggling torches!


  1. Man, it looks like it was fun! I really miss going to camp. One of the days I am going to give you (Naoimi) a call. We need to catch up!
    Love Jennie

  2. Wow, I liked the key word idea. Are there sets of these pictures for sale somewhere?


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