Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's a Hay Day!

It got hot enough today to have our first square bale hay day of the year. Arthur hired a few guys to get the work done before it rains. Here JH is putting hay on the hay elevator.
Two of the many trailers of hay. I love the smell of fresh hay and love seeing the trailers roll into the yard with the guys riding on top. We've only lost two guys over the years! One fell off and no one noticed. He apparently fainted in the ditch but eventually we got him and he was okay. The other guy fell off and got quite banged up but he was okay too. Doesn't seem to scare the guys off though, and they love riding up high. I know the video clip is a little dark but it's the guys putting hay in the haymow.

I took some time today to think about school coming up and started looking for books. Also made some peach jam using a new kind of pectin I bought. It is more like jello jigglers than jam! Quite thick. Oh well, I love to experiment -I'll just add more fruit next time! I have a feeling it will get eaten anyway, even if by the spoonful.
Have a great evening with God!

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