Monday, August 10, 2009

Catch Up

I thought I'd quickly catch you up on the last few days. Aaron and Naomi have been making peach jam together for his pantry.
Krystal J. was one of the ones that got baptized this Sunday.

After each person gets baptized we all sing, "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus". It's a real special time down by the river as we see those that are willing to publicly show their faith in Jesus by baptism. I wish we could be as public in our faith out on the streets as we are in front of our churches.

Here's the three that were baptized and my father-in-law who is our pastor. We gave him chest waders last Christmas to wear under his clothes for baptisms. The river is really cold and we don't want him getting sick!

Today the P. family arrived and we've already had a lot of fun visiting and catching up. One of the first things they did was take a walk through the maze. Everytime we go out the corn seems like it grew. Keep praying!! I also made (ironed on the logo) 24 Deserted Island Bible Camp tee shirts and and working on the camp devotional book. I'm running out of time as it starts the day after tomorrow. It looks like a nice group of guys, 17, and five leaders. Should be a lot of fun!
Well, I gotta go! Don't forget to show your faith to others outside of the church, okay?!

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  1. Hey Krahns! Can you let the Pecks see this?? Pretty Please?? Thanks!

    Hi! How are you all doing? We are picking your garden in a few minutes. ( Lol, hope you don't mind! ) :D Well, we're missing you! Pray that VB camp will be good. See ya! Have fun!

    - Jen


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