Friday, August 14, 2009

Corn Maze Advertisement

Okay, I couldn't resist putting our unofficial corn maze video advertising on the blog. Priscilla and James were just goofing off but it sure is funny. The facts aren't exactly accurate either but who cares. Yesterday and today the girls and James gave the concession stand a couple coats of paint. We also took care of beans and raspberries, paperwork, etc. Caleb called from the island and said the guys were having a good time. Well, it's late and I'm tired. So, have a great evening!


  1. Hey Pecks! How are you doing up/down there? Looks like you'll are having a good time! :D VB camp was good. I'm very sore. It was fun though. Well, have a great rest of the time!

    - Jen

    P.S. Krahns... if you are wondering why I'm writing to the Pecks, it's because Jo said to!

  2. Hi Jen! Yep, we're having a TERRIFIC time!!!! Glad to hear your having a good time too! See you soon!


  3. You are always welcome to leave comments even if the P. family isn't here :)


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