Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting it All Ready

The P. family has been so fun to have around and they've been a great help with the maze stuff. The guys helped Isaac put up a few of the flags, and if you look really close, you can see them working on the bridge. (on the right side of the concession stand) The girls have been painting signs. We should have our corn maze blog up and running in a couple of days and from then on we'll post pictures on there.
Everyone had fun trying out the giant slingshot. This is Benjamin P.

Arthur had to try it out too. The water balloons we put in it fly way, way, way out in the oats field which should be harvested in a couple of weeks. We are trying hard to get things are ready for opening next weekend with a "trial run" this weekend if we're ready. You'll also notice all the clouds in the pictures. It rained, and rained this last week and everything is very wet. It seems like everything in the tiny area of the state we live in is about 2-3 weeks behind everyone else. I noticed when going to Grand Forks that even an hour south of here is far ahead of us. Oh well!
I will get some pictures of Deserted Island Bible Camp posted but Silas took about 500 pictures so it might take me awhile to narrow them down! They did have a good time though and two of the guys got saved! That always makes the work worth it.
Have a great day living for God!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun!! Maybe the Peck's can stay for opening weekend. : ) I know they can't though. It's too bad that they have to go. Have fun together!

  2. How fun!!! I loved the videos. :) ON the big slingshot... Won't the broken balloon bits be a problem in the fields? Of course in our fields, I always worry about the cows eating whatever gets left.

  3. Sorry, Shelly, the P. family is leaving here today! Even though we'd love them to stay. The field the waterballoons will be in we never put cows in. They are also "suppose" to be biodegradable so hopefully they won't be a problem. I guess if we had to we could do a balloon scrap hunt ;) We loved the videos too!


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