Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Prince Charming

Who is Aaron? Well, I've been meaning to tell you about him, but as you've maybe noticed...we've been very busy this summer! So here's some of the story for those of you that are interested :)

Aaron is originally from TN - he's 30 years old - he's the pastor of Westside Baptist Chapel near Warroad - he's also a chaplain and Captain in the Air Force Reserves - and he's the most wonderful man in the world :) As of June 15, we were betrothed - in other words, we're planning on getting married someday!

The weekend of Amos and Rebekah's wedding, Aaron moved to Warroad to begin pastoring. About a month later there was a short article/picture in the newspaper about him coming which was how our family first heard of him. When Mom saw it, she was like, "He'd be perfect for you!" and I was like, "OK, whatever."

We met for the first time at a funeral (is that a good sign or a bad sign?) in January of '08. My first impression was that he was "nice" and I didn't think much more about it. Although I didn't connect it at the time, the same week we met, I'd written in my journal that I just really felt like God was trying to tell my something and I didn't know what.

A year went by - Dad visited him a couple times and took him ice fishing, and we saw each other a few times around.

Then this February, Aaron started praying about starting a relationship with me and looking for ways to get to know me better. He dropped in a few times - once he brought over a cake - and came to some afternoon services at our church. There were some special meetings at his church (which we wouldn't have even heard about, except the week it was advertised in the newspaper "just happened" to be the week that they sent a free copy to everyone in the area...) and we went to a couple of those. We got together once to talk about some ideas for children's church.

However, if you know Aaron, you know that he's friendly to everyone and so when our family discussed him, we could never figure out if he just really liked that farm and family, or was just sort of random, or if he was interested in me. Sometimes I had a feeling it had to do with me, but I had a real peace about it either way.

Then there was our trip to Steinbach. We were planning on going there with the J. family and someone had the idea that we could invite "Pastor Satchwill". Someone else was like, "Why would we do that?!" The conclusion was that if he called or came over before then, we'd invite him. That Saturday, Mom, Miriam, and I were on our way to the homeschool graduation and we were wondering if he would be there. Mom said, "If he is, does that count as an excuse to invite him?" and I said, "It'll be a miracle if he is, so yeah, it counts." I guess miracles sometimes happen...Aaron wasn't even thinking that we would be there. So he ended up coming with us to Stienbach. It's a 3 hour round trip and so I felt like I really got to know him better that day.

While I was gone at CYIA, Aaron came over and talked to Dad about me. They had a few late-night meetings to talk about, well, everything, including my long list of "Husband requirements - November 2008 edition". I was home on the weekend and no one let on. I never thought my familiy could keep a secret like that from me! Us kids got home late the next Friday night, and the next morning, as we were discussing our plans for the day over breakfast, Dad broke the news!

I was very surprised, but in some ways I was prepared for it as well. I knew right away what my answer would be, but I wanted to go about making a decision somewhat systematically, and so I took a couple days to think and pray about it all before I told Dad. After I told him, he went over to talk to Aaron that afternoon, but didn't really tell him anything. Then in the evening, without telling me first, Dad went and told him it was a "yes." Quite a few of our relatives were over and we were all talking about the whole thing, when Dad and Aaron showed up here! Anyway, we got a chance to talk and throughout this summer, we've been wholeheartedly enjoying getting to know each other.

God is so good! Who would have ever thought that He would bring us together here in the-middle-of-nowhere-Minnesota!? It's so exciting to see His hand leading and working in our lives and to testifyy that God can do anything!

Oh, and these cute pictures were taken and edited by my cousin, Hannah Hanson (Whispering Pines Photography) - On 4th of July we prevailed upon her to take some pictures of us and she willingly obliged :) I just happen to think they're the most wonderful pictures ever taken anywhere!


  1. Wow, those are beautiful pictures. I like them a lot.

    - Jenny

  2. Sweet story! I am so excited for you. It was less than a year ago that you, Jordan and I were bemoaning the fact that we were in our twenties and not married. Looks like we've knocked one off the block. Two more to go! Lol...

    Looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks! It will be good to talk again!

    Blessings, Brittany

  3. I'm SO happy for you, Naomi!!! I must admit that I thought there was something like this going on from previous posts, so I'm glad that you've announced it now... :) May I ask if you have agreed not to touch before marriage? It looked like that may be the case from your beautiful photos. That is what I would like--should God ever lead that special someone to this middle-of-nowhere land that I live in. :)

    Congratulations to you and may God continue to direct you in the happy days ahead!



  4. Yay!! :) I've been waiting for this post...I'm sooooo happy for you both!!!!! :D Isn't our God GOOD?!

  5. Oh, and your pix turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!! :) I'm so happy I got to hold the reflector and be a part of them...lol. ;) One more thing...your mom needs to put something about Aaron in the stuff she writes under your picture in the sidebar!! I'd say he's a pretty important part of your life...wouldn't you? ;)

  6. Very cute pictures Naomi! We are all so excited for you! The way God brought you two together is amazing! God's richest blessings to you!


    I would have to disagree with the "most wonderful pictures anywhere" statement! ;) LOL!

  7. Love the pics. Naomi! You both look great in them. We are sooo happy for you both and really enjoyed getting to know Aaron a little while we were there! Praying God's continued blessings on you!


    P.S Sounds like your catching that "love bug"! ;>

  8. Your story is such an encouragement! May your lives continue to bless others and bring glory to the God who has brought you together in such a beautiful way.
    This is so much fun!
    Love you!
    Aunt Louise

  9. That is so exciting, Naomi!! I love all the pictures.:)

  10. I love LOVE!
    And I think that . . ."With God, all things are possible!" Even if it's love, because God wants us to love, and be married and have families, it's a very important part of his plan for us!


  11. Glad you all liked the story and the pictures!

    Looking forward to seeing you too, Brittany -

    Yes, Cora Beth, the plan is not to touch until the wedding - hopefully we'll be more focused on the spirit and soul part of our relationship that way -

    Ben, I guess you're entitled to you opinion...but Aaron agrees with me :)

    I'm glad you could help too, Rachel, and SOMEday we'll get around to updating our profiles -

  12. This is my first time to your blog and how sweet this post was:) I only hope to find somebody someday!! What an inspiring story;) God bless!

  13. Congratulations, Naomi. :)
    Great pics too.

  14. Congratulations, Naomi and Aaron! We really enjoyed reading your story, and we are so happy for you.

    May the Lord bless you!

    The 11 Smiths

  15. Dear Naomi, Our family is rejoicing with you. Brent and I had a hands of relationship during our courtship and it made our wedding day all the sweeter. May God grant you both continued purity of heart and a like-mainded vision.



  16. Naomi, that is such a sweet story, and I'm so happy for you both!
    Keeping you both in my prayers!

  17. Naomi,

    I am so excited about what the Lord is doing in your life! I read the comment from Brittany, I have been there and done that...(bemoaning the fact that I was 23 and not married)...hahha...but the Lord has His perfect timing!


  18. I am sooo happy for you! You are so blessed! We really need to get together and talk.. In person!


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