Friday, August 28, 2009

Up in the Air and On the Air

Like Priscilla said, she's been up in the air and on the air this week. Arthur, Isaac, Hosanna, Silas and Priscilla went on a couple of plane rides this week with a pilot, a man from our church, to look over the maze. It was the first time Hosanna, Silas or Priscilla have ever flown so it was really exciting for them. Silas was terrified when the pilot let Isaac take off and fly some! I'm still not sure if he really was terrified or was just pretending! Isaac, well, he was really, really exicited!!

Isaac behind the controls with the pilot.

This is our nice, sweet, little town and the lake. It almost looks like the end of the world - some people think it is!

And this is the maze from the air. Wow! We never thought it would look so close to what we were trying to make it look like. Can you see the tractor and the smoke coming out of the smokestack? Can you see the 2009? How about the two kids on the trailer? The bridge is one side of the body of one of the kids. Yes, you could memorize it by looking at it but if someone really wants to do that, well, that's just fine. It might take some of the fun out of it but then again, once you're in there it's easy to get mixed up.

Overall, Arthur said he didn't think he ever wanted to be a pilot as his stomach didn't really enjoy the ride. Priscilla on the other hand thought it was wonderful which is why this morning we let her go with Arthur to be interviewed on the air, on our local radio station. She added the enthusiasm to the interview and it went really good. We love free advertizing!!

Tonight we have our "trial run" with a bunch of church friends and some homeschool families. Please pray for us with our big day starting tomorrow. To say we are nervous is an understatement. Horrified would be more like it!!! So please do pray for calmness in our spirits, that no one would get hurt, that everyone would have fun, that it wouldn't hail (It did that last year when we had the homeschoolers out on a hayride!), and that people would come. We talked about praying for a specific number but decided to pray that we wouldn't get so few as to fail, or too many to handle. It's so nice to leave it all in God's hand and leave the results up to Him!


  1. That is so neat! I wish I could go through it! Looks like fun! Ya'll did a great job!


  2. When you said you were going to do a maze to bring in a little extra money I never thought it would be so big and fun!
    I pray the best for you!

  3. Beautiful from overhead..very neat!! Looks like a fun maze!!

  4. I love the pattern of your maze, it is so neat!!
    I LOVE flying!!! I actually want to be a pilot...the view is soo neat from the air!!:)


  5. WOW, it looks GREAT guys!!! I WISH I could be there tonight...sigh. Oh well, if it goes well this year, maybe you'll do it again and we can catch it then. I'll be praying for you tomorrow!!!

  6. We love corn mazes and yours looks like lots of fun.
    The view from the air is always spectacular. This is no exception.
    All the best to you and this new venture...and adventure. :-)
    Susan C. in PA

  7. Cool! It looks almost exactly like one I'm going to in Lancaster on Saturday. :-)
    woah! Thats so much fun about the plane! I flew one once when I was 13. I was kinda scared, but I did was fun! :-)

  8. It looks great! I never imaged how big it would be. How on earth did you get it to turn out with that picture? It has been fun reading about the maze activity.


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