Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pictures from DIBC

Hi from Naomi - here's a few of the pictures that Silas took at DIBC - This is them sleeping outside under a tarp - you see, the last night, it poured and some of the tents were leaking. They said the mosquitos were eating them alive, but they all managed to survive!
Finishing off the rest of the food before heading home -

Washing the dishes, eating sand, or panning for gold?

Isaac caught a 32" Northern - the fishing wasn't as good as some years, but they still managed to get a couple meals worth.

Getting ready for chapel - it happened 4 times a day!

A couple of the guys coming in from fishing -

Us girls pack up all of the food - but the guys do all their own cooking over a fire -
Silas - don't fall off!

Nathan J. in a canoe that his dad made -

Silas got so many beautiful landscape pictures - we'll have to post more of them sometime.

One of the chapel times

Trying to start a fire


  1. Looks like they had fun! To bad Daniel and I couldn't make it, Although it doesn't look like you were lacking a crowd!!

  2. Wow, those pictures are all really neat! It looks like a cool camp...I think it'd be so fun to camp out like that!!:) (I'm a outdoors-loving person, just to let you know, if you haven't seen that already.;))



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