Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wrap - Up

Well our company has left and the house is quiet. Almost too quiet! I sat down at the computer and downloaded a ton of pictures from the last few days and so I thought I'd do a wrap-up post from the last week. Of course Daniel was always the center of attention. He is so adorable and so, so funny!

Isaac took a boatload out fishing and here's James with the big catch of the day.
Caleb is sitting on the bale castle wall at the maze. With as many young people in the house as we've had this week, there were lots of jokes played on each other. Including a really good one Naomi edited out of this post!

Arthur working on the 'bridge to nowhere'. Actually, it's the spine of a man on a tractor :) And yes, there will be rails when he's done.

We've had a lot of rain and the maze yard has a big dip full of mud and puddles. A dip that will be fixed shortly. Anyway, it was great fun for Jordan and her brothers to go 4-wheeling in.

Benjamin didn't just play chess with Silas, he also went fishing.

Isaac, the happy fishing guide.
Silas with a croppie. Now to a lot of you a croppie might seem kinda normal but I had never seen one come out of our lake. Even the DNR guy that inspected the boat had never seen one. And not only that, they got about ten of them!
Silas has been getting into taking close up pictures and couldn't resist taking one of our state bird - the mosquito! Just kidding! Our state bird is the Common Loon but mosquito's beat it in quanity!
Twice the kids went out blueberry picking. You go into the state forest and they are all over. Not the big tame ones but smaller ones.

We also just put a link for the 'Country Corn Maze' blog under "Farm Blogs" on the right side column. You all get a quick preview of it before our advertizing hits the town and so if you see any errors in spelling, grammer, or just something that doesn't make sense please let us know. Also, if there is something you would want to know if you were visiting our maze, that isn't included tell us that too so we can add it.

Well, I have lots to do so I need to go. Thank you P. family for your wonderful visit and fellowship! We love you all!


  1. What neat pictures!!! I wonder if Blueberrys would grow here in ND--outdoors, I mean?

    We have some friends who had a corn maze for several years and we always enjoyed going through it! They also raised a LOT of pumpkins and sold them to people when they came to the corn maze. Then, they made a pumpkin shooter out of a grain auger which had some sort of a big blower on the back side (my brothers could tell you exactly what it was, I'm sure!) and it shot the pumpkins a LONG ways into the next field. Your water-ballon slingshot reminded me of that. :) They also had a petting zoo and they set up an area for playing minature golf... They had some other ideas too for games, but I don't remember them right now.

    I hope you have a good turnout with your maze, as it looks like you've put a lot of work into it! I wish now that we didn't milk and could just pile in our van and head your way, but the next time I want some fresh milk, I'm sure I'll be glad we still have cows! :)

  2. Wow, looks like you all have been having a good time!! :) I have to say it again...Daniel's eyes are SOOOOO BIG!!! :) It amazes me everytime I see a pic of him. What a little cutie...I'm sure Rebekah's getting pretty ready to have the next one too. Hope you all are doing well! :)

  3. I like the nature photos and the close ups that Silas took! Great job!

    I am a fan of the same type of things! You can see one of my closeups at

    I have a few nature photos on my blog too inthe Vacation 2009 section.


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