Monday, August 31, 2009

Week One Down, Five to Go

We've had a lot of people around here ask how our first maze weekend went. We didn't "officially" start till Saturday so Friday night we had a trial night with a few church and homeschool families. I guess it looked like we were open so we had some others drop in throughout the evening. I don't know about those that came but we had fun! It made all the work we put into it worth it and we discovered some glitches we're working on. The hayrides are always nice.
MT was enjoying playing with his children on the bale pile in the castle.
Priscilla made Lew to guard the castle. Isn't he cute?! We were very impressed at her creativity and it just kinda finished off the castle decorations.
Saturday didn't go as good as we would've liked. That's okay though. We had already decided that if it goes good, it's a business, if we don't make money, it's a ministry! So on Saturday we had a ministry and it was fun! Those that came didn't seem to want to leave which is exactly what we want. In fact this last group was enjoying the waterballoon slingshot so much, they started to wonder what it would be like to shoot the waterballoons out of the air! Yes, there was a gun in the guys vehicle, so the shooting began. I think they're going to go out and buy one because it was so much fun, and cheaper than shooting clay pigeons. You can see Arthur in the white hat on the left taking his turn with the gun with another guy lets the balloon go. No, this isn't something we're advertising!! If any of you come to see the maze, don't even mention it!! Unless no one else is around of course!! I'm surprised my guys didn't think of it first. When the oats get harvested, hopefully this week, some nice targets will get put up with a reward if someone hits them.

So, our "ministry" went well and we expect it to be busier this weekend.

Today I've been trying to finish up lesson planners for school so we can start tomorrow. I continually have to remind myself that my schedule is in God's hand. Somehow I can get so uptight about all I need to get done. My list is almost longer than I have paper! I try to remeber what Elizabeth Elliot said, "Do the next thing," and let God tell me what to do and when. I'm sure a lot of you can relate. Till I have more time to blog - Bye, and may you feel God's care!


  1. Thanks for the update - we kept thinking about you and praying all day Friday and Saturday.

    May God continue to bless you all!

    Jill & Family

  2. That looks fun! I wish I was there to go through it! Keep up the good work!I'll be praying it goes well!

    - Jenny C.

  3. Your maze is amazing! I love the picture taken from the airplane in a previous post especially! You've all done so much work for your maze and I hope more people will be able to enjoy it in the weekends to come~

  4. Hooray for Ministries! :-)
    And the wise words of Elisabeth spiritual mentor.
    Susan in PA

  5. Would your family be willing to let us come on the 20th or 24th of this month?
    Our weekends are filled up, but would LOVE to be able to come!


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