Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daniel!

Daniel turns one today. Wow, has the last year ever flown by. Naomi is making a cute Noah's Ark birthday cake for our family party this afternoon before we head into weekend 3 of the maze. Please pray that it won't rain too hard and make the trails muddy.
Yesterday we went to Zipple Bay for a picnic. Silas just had to get himself buried in sand!
And of course Silas and Priscilla hunted for treasures in the water. It was such a beautiful day!

Pictures always look better with the nice blue lake in the background.

Amos, Rebekah and Daniel came along.

And this was Daniel's first time playing on the beach. He wasn't sure about that sand stuff or the water when he had his feet put in it. In just a few weeks he'll be a big brother. Well, we took lots more pictures so we'll share that later when we can do them justice. I think I'll let Naomi share those ones. Have a great day with God!


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  2. Happy Birthday Daniel!!! :) Your trip to Zipple Bay looks like fun...can't wait for Naomi to post more pix!!!! :D

  3. Awwwww...he is so cute! Happy Birthday, Daniel!


  4. I can hardly wait to see pictures of your cake, Naomi!


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