Monday, September 28, 2009

Week Five Down, One to Go!

Okay, we're winding down with the corn maze. Only one week left to report on! As you've probably noticed we haven't been posting a whole lot, mainly because we are so busy we haven't had time to even sleep much! Well Isaac came home for a little bit this weekend and trapped this bird in his car. Yes, he did let it go after a photo shoot. And yes, he shaved off that black hair growing on his face.
It's been a wild week at the maze. We broke our record for busiest day this past weekend and I think as of today we've had about 1,500 people through, give or take a hundred or two. Tonight we had a preschool group with parents and siblings. I had written on the calendar that there would be fifty people but after our parking lot was full and cars were parked up and down the road, we estimated there were more like 150+ people. Fun!

One night the H. family came out and so one thing everyone does is get their hayride.

My nephew Ronnie had his 13th birthday party at the maze, as do lots of kids. They had a good time!
Okay, Ronnie, I know you're back there somewhere!

In addition to food stuff we've sold some corn, gourds, shocks of corn, etc.

The castle view taken from the bridge in the field. I think the kids enjoy the castle almost more than the maze! We've been thinking of all kinds of ways to expand the castle next year.

The P. family came out one day all the way from Lancaster. (Lancaster, MN that is) We enjoyed having them as our guests and then the next day their homeschool group came over for a fun afternoon.

Some of Arthur's cousins from British Columbia were in the area so they had to get in on the action. Doug and Laurie even had a running race through the maze after they took the kids through. One went in the entrance and one the exit.

We also had a group late last week from a nearby school with the special-ed children K-12. They said this was one of the kids favorite field trips they had taken. I think of all the groups that have been through the maze, this group made it all worth it!

Well, we have a few more special groups and one more weekend. It looks like it will be cold and rainy so please pray for nice weather. One church group came out on Sunday afternoon and it was so cold they didn't stay long and none of them wanted a hayride because it was so cold, windy and rainy. Tonight they are forcasting frost. Brrr! From 80 degree days to cool fall days is always a hard adjustment!

Being busy we haven't had time to tell you about: Naomi hitting a deer...Miriam doing all the canning...Silas sleeping in and bridesmaid dress shopping...Arthur goose hunting...Hosanna doing a crash course in Bible memory...babysitting Daniel overnight...Isaac's job...Priscilla's messy house...Caleb, our houseguest...etc.
Till we post again, may God bless your desire to live for Him.

Pslams 72:18 Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, who only doeth wondrous things.


  1. What a great ministry! A wonderful celebration of Autumn :)


  2. I think one good way to expand the castle would be to make a little 'maze' in there for the little kids.

  3. This endevor appears to have been such a blessing to your family and many others! How great that must be to see! I was just browsing through another blog and found they had made a blog post about your corn maze!
    I have been reading your blog for some time now and recognized your maze instantly from the pictures and description they provided!

  4. How much money do you think you have brougt in from the maze, and did it meet your expectaions?

  5. Yes, we've thought of doing a mini maze. Maybe next year... How much did we make. Let's see, hopefully enough to pay for a wedding and a trip to Washington DC! Yes, it was really close to what we expected for a first year. Even though it looks to some like we make tons of money, we have had quite a few expenses including a large advertising budget. We enjoy reading others blogs about the maze - thanks for sharing, Renee, about another blog.

  6. Sweet blog! Your family looks like they have so much fun together. :)
    Emily Anne

  7. That is a wonderful idea. Did you have to get insurance?


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