Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Rest of Our Illinois Trip

Hi everyone! Sorry it took us so long to get these posted :( They're kind of out of order, but in case you want the chronological version....Mom and Dad left early Wednesday morning, then Silas went with some of the Pecks to an apple place and they helped bag apples. The picture above is of Jordan and Benjamin taking them off of the conveyer. Also on Wednesday, we went to a Nature center, and to church. On Thursday some of the group went fishing, then we got together with the McCannes. On Friday we drove to St. Louis and went to the zoo and a park. On Saturday we went to Silver Dollar City. Sunday and Monday us kids drove home - we spent the night at our cousins, the Hansons, and also visited a Bass Pro Shop.

Priscilla out fishing - they didn't catch a whole lot, but it was a beautiful day to be out on a boat! While the guys - and Priscilla - went fishing, us ladies went to Springfield and visited a Bridal shop and I tried on some wedding dresses just for fun :)

A butterfly in the "butterfly room" at the zoo

The Peck kids and us in a pontoon boat at the Bass Pro store - it was more comfortable than some houses!
James, Benjamin, and Silas - don't feel sorry for them, I'm sure they deserved any jail time they had to serve!
The night after we were at SDC, we stayed at a campground. They were actually pretty nice and it felt so good to be dry after being in the rain all day!

They had a lot of "rides" at SDC - Most of us kids just settled for a few tame ones. Priscilla was going to go on one of the big roller coasters, but there was enough rain that they had to close it.
There was a huge cave that we got to tour - it was amazing!

After we left the zoo, to avoid rush hour traffic, we hung out at a park for a little while - this is Hosanna standing by the lagoon - she found out about the Bible Bee that day and so she was pretty excited!
Silver Dollar City is an amusement park with an old west theme - they have a lot of stores, and some old-time buildings and craftsmen as well as rides. The P. family had some free guest passes, so we were able to go with...It was a lot of fun!

Hosanna, me, and Jordan at the park - this is one of the MANY pictures that Silas took on the trip - it's a little dark, but I thought it was fun...

Back - James, Cilla, Jordan, me, Zanna, Front - Miriam, Ben, Caleb, and Silas - at the zoo

Miriam at the nature center we went to - they had some walking trails and a creek that the kids played in.

The sign on this cage said that it was a cottonmouth - the reason we noticed it was b/c Silas had seen a snake like it the day before and had tried to find it again in the rocks. We don't have poisonous snakes here in northerm MN!

Elephants at the zoo

Bass Pro Store
Recognize this man? On our way home, we happened to be going through the area where Isaac is working on the potato harvest around the time he finished work, so we met along the road and talked for a few minutes. We really miss him around here!


  1. I like the beard, Isaac.

  2. It was great to get to see you all again, and nice to meet Caleb. :)

  3. Wow, it looks like you had a great time! I love all the pictures.

  4. Looks like ya'll had great fun!



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