Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lots of Pictures!

David Alejandro Krahn
Born Today at about 7:00 AM
7# 4oz., 18 1/2 " long
Praise the Lord!

We know David's grandparents and family friends from Il. will love to see all these pictures!
David with Uncle Isaac.
Daniel was a little hesitant at first, but after a bit, he got quite agressive in his patting the baby.
David is one sweet baby! He almost took the midwife's record for longest labor, just short of the record by a couple of hours. Don't worry, Rebekah wasn't out to break the record!
The happy mom and dad!
Aunty Naomi watching David wake up.
On the way to church this morning I had to stop and get a coat and carseat for Daniel so this is a picture when David is just a couple hours old.
Daniel a little scared at first to touch his brother, with Aunty Hosanna holding David.


  1. what a beautiful baby! congrats to everyone!

  2. Congratulations! If only MY baby would decide to make an appearance. lol. I AM still 4 days from my due date. But since Tyrel was 10 days early, I thought maybe this one would be too.

  3. AWWWWWWWW, he is adorable!!! Congratulations again to Amos and Rebekah!!:) :) :)


  4. Well, Becky, Daniel was three weeks early so we thought this one would be too. Actually he ended up being born on his due date after three days of being in labor!!

  5. Congrats! He is beautiful. I am glad Rebekah survived 75 hours of labor. I was only in labor for 13, and I thought that was bad!

  6. What a sweet baby!!! Congratulations to one and all and thanks for posting all the great pictures!


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