Monday, October 12, 2009

Remember the Alamo!

(These pictures are really out of order.) Miriam here- On Thursday Silas, Priscilla, and I and a group from our church went down to Illinoins for the fall youth conference, and on Friday before the conference started we all went the Funk Museum. (The same place we went to on our family trip.)
Here we are looking around at the museum, and we really enjoyed having the P. family come and join us there.
On sunday when we were on our way home we stopped, and went to church, and had lunch with a family that we know in Wisconsin.
We all had a lot of fun there and as you can see they had some stilts that the boys all tried. This is Reuben, my cousin.
Silas trying out a smaller pair of them.
They also had two pet rats. And this is Nathan J.
Here we are at the confrence waiting for it to start. Grandpa and Grandma came along as our leaders.
The theme was "Having Done All to Stand," and they had the front of the church decorated like the Alamo, and it was really neat.
The main speaker was Dan Carr and it was a real blessing to be able to be there and to hear him speak. This is my cousin Elizabeth taking notes.
Jessica, Priscilla, and Rebekah at the conference.
Besides having two pet rats they also had to lizards which we enjoyed seeing.
Caleb with one of the rats.
This is another picture of us all at the museum.
Silas and I sitting in the van. It was a long trip, but we really enjoyed it.
My adorable new little nephew.


  1. So glad you all could come down!!! We REALLY enjoyed getting to spend time with ALL of you that came and missed those who couldn't. We had a fun time! Glad to see you all had a safe trip back!


  2. I'm glad ya'll came down here! It was fun seeing you guys. Glad you enjoyed it.
    - Jen

  3. Looks like so much fun! I love the PMBC youth conference but sadly we couldn't come this year!! Glad you had a good time!!:) :)



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