Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wedding Preparations (part 1)

Hi from Naomi! Sorry I haven't posted anything for so long, but I've been busy with "things" - including some wedding things.

This picture is not my attempt at still life! I merely wanted a couple pictures to go with this post and so above you see my "wedding planner" - somehow I don't think a traditional one would help me very much, though I have one for reference, instead I have a blank notebook - a couple years ago I started writing down notes in it from all the weddings I went to and some of my own ideas....and now it's full of lists upon lists - things to do, things to buy, things to do today, songs, ideas, prices, people, guest list, invitation wording, and so on. The only problem is, I have a feeling it's going to be full long before January 8th....

Then you also see my checkbook and some receits - I've never spent so much money so quickly in my life! On Monday and Tuesday, Mom, Dad, Miriam and I went on a shopping trip to Fargo and Grand Forks - It was lots of fun! I was able to buy a lot of the things I'll need for the wedding - like plates, napkins, cups, tablecloths, aisle runner, veil, paper for invitations, ribbon, a flower girl dress, candles...I was really happy with everything - I think the Lord must have led us to the right places!

This is a corner of my room - I spent all morning cleaning it up so I could put stuff in it!

Also, last night, I got to try on my dress :) It came while we were gone, and Priscilla wanted to open it up and check it out, but Mom said, "No!" I like it a lot - but you won't get to see that until the wedding!

In case you haven't heard, our colors are "eggplant" purple and silver, and I'm planning on using a lot of white. Miriam, Hosanna, and Priscilla are going to be the bridesmaids and 3 of his brothers are going to be the groomsmen. We're going to try to have a "sit-down" reception in our church basement. You can pray for nice whether - it's always a risk having a wedding in MN in January! So anyway, I'm excited!

Here's a couple things I've been thinking about the last few day and you can give me your opinion....Should the punch match the wedding colors? What's a good song to play when the bride walks down the aisle other than the Bridal March?


  1. im partial to pachelbels canon. course we wont be there so dont take my opinion to seriously.

  2. I personally don't feel the food has to be coordinated with the colors. But that doesn't mean I don't supposrt you if that's what you choose! I think it's all fine to have the decor (linnens, tableware, decor, etc) match.

    Honestly - What ever keeps the spirit of the special day and union Holy and focused on what matters, I really don't think I mind anything as long as there is the feeling of reverence when I attend weddings. Really, as long as you love it, it's all that matters!

  3. I see a Hobby Lobby receipt! That just makes me ache to go shopping! For future reference, check out their ad online or ad in the newspaper if you plan to go back. Most of the time, there is a coupon you can print for an additional 50% off of an item or 10% off of your entire bill.

    As for the punch matching the wedding colors, it is quite unnecessary. However, there is a recipe I use for our Christmas cranberry punch that would be very fitting for the winter season and give you beautiful color. It is:

    1 48 oz. bottle of fruit punch (like hawaiian punch)
    1 46 oz. bottle of apple juice
    1 48 oz. bottle of cranberry juice
    1 2L. of ginger ale
    ice cubes or punch ring

    Instead of ice cubes or in addition to the punch ring (depends on how much I'm making), I like to use a bag or two of frozen cranberries to add some extra color, flavor, and demension.

    Hope this might give you some ideas or spark your imagination!


  4. Well, I have no suggestions for music.. But we had a similarly colored wedding, a bit of a different color purple.. (I think, but I am not really sure what eggplant purple is.. Gonna have to google it.), and we tried to do purple punch, and it turned out more maroonish... ?? I dont know if you remember it well or not.. I am not sure how you would make purple punch.. So, I would say Pink is a festive color that would compliment your scheme well. And its a much easier punch color.. :) But like the other poster said, you dont necesarrily have to try to match the food anyways.. Unless you have a theme.. Such as princess or butterfly, no one is likely to notice anyways.. *Correction* I wouldnt notice.. Others might?

  5. Aha, I see Hobby Lobby recipts!!! :) I like, LIVED in that place while I was planning my wedding...seriously, I was in there about twice a week for months!! I kinda went into shock when I started writing checks for hundreds...never done that before!! ;) The worst one was the church...$900 to use the church!! are so lucky to be able to be married in your own church!

    As far as the punch, ours matched our colors (pink), but pink punch is probably the easiest to make! I don't know how you would make purple punch...eggplant puree? LOL, just kidding!! ;)

    I didn't want to use the Bridal March either, because it's SOOOO overused...I wanted to use Canon in F by the O'Neil Brothers, but we ended up with Canon in D...also overused, but prettier in my opinion. :) I'm sure nobody will even notice what you play...they'll all be stunned by your beauty!!! You are going to be such a beautiful bride!!! AAAAHHHHH...I can't believe you're getting married!!! YAY!!! :D

  6. Wow, it sounds like you have been very busy!!
    A good song for the processional is "Air on the G String" and "Pachelbel's Canon"; my sister and I played piano and violin for a wedding and we played "Air on G String" for the's a slow song, and extremely beautiful!! I posted a video of me playing it, on our'd have to click the label "recitals" to find the video.:) So you could go there and get an idea of what it sounds like!:)

    I'll be praying for you as you prepare!! Again, I am sooo happy for you!!:) :)


  7. Follow up I can't remember if I wanted to walk down to Canon in F or Hymne, also by the O'Neil's...I know I ended up using one of them for when all of you walked down...I think I used Canon in F...can't remember for sure tho...I have music for both of those if you're interested.

  8. We have played as a string quartet for several weddings, and here are a few songs we have done for the Bride's Processional; "Praise to the Lord the Almighty", "Canon in D", "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring". Some others we have heard that we thought were neat are "How Great our Lord" and "Worthy is the Lamb". Really, anything you like goes! :)


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